Tara McKenna’s Top Waste Reduction Tips

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Tara McKenna, the founder of The Zero Waste Collective, gives Canadians the skills to develop ethical and sustainable behaviors for a more ecologically responsible lifestyle in her book called Don’t Be Trashy.

Here’s an excerpt, which includes McKenna’s five waste reduction tips to help readers embark on their zero-waste journey. 

  • McKenna first emphasizes the idea of “wish cycling” and the significance of appropriate waste sorting. Sorting your waste according to the local system for waste management is essential.
  • McKenna then advises performing a garbage audit at home to determine the quantity and nature of waste being produced. 

Another important piece of advice from the book is to compost food scraps. We can greatly cut greenhouse gas emissions and aid in the fight against climate change by composting food waste rather than disposing it in landfills.

Food waste can be decreased by listing, especially through meal planning and making a shopping list. Make use of every last bit of food by eating leftovers and composting scraps.

Finally, McKenna stresses the importance of thoughtful shopping. Choose products with minimal packaging, shop with your own bags and containers, and, when possible, take advantage of bottle and container return programs. 

You can significantly improve the environment by implementing these trash reduction strategies into your daily routine.

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