Canada is a country rich in culinary gems with an underappreciated food scene. From coast to coast, our nation is home to an abundance of fresh ingredients, great chefs, committed farmers and producers, outstanding restaurants, and a curious population of foodies constantly searching for new culinary experiences. 

At Canadian Cuisine Flavours, we are passionate about sharing the histories of the great people who have shaped the Canadian food landscape. We want to explain why food is important to Canadians, from showing the skill of liquor distillers to examining the huge variety of domestic products and the skilled chefs who create culinary wonders from them.

We believe it’s time to promote and highlight the incredibly rich diversity of Canadian cuisine. So come along as we explore the hidden gems of Canadian food. Canadian Cuisine Flavours is your resource for learning about our country’s remarkable flavors, from enduring recipes handed down through the generations to cutting-edge creations that push culinary boundaries.