The Sweet Symphony of the Ambrosia Apple

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The Ambrosia apple has graced many palates in the search for the ideal fruit. These apples hold a special place in the hearts of the Martin family, seventh-generation farmers from the Waterloo region, and owners of Martin’s Family Fruit Farm. 

In fact, they grow 40% of the province’s harvest of Ambrosia apples, more than any other grower in Ontario. The Martin family thinks the Ambrosia apple is the best they’ve ever seen, according to Peter Katona, director of sales and marketing at Martin.

The Ambrosia apple’s tale is an intriguing example of serendipity. It began in the 1980s on the apple farm of Sally and Wilfrid Mennell in British Columbia’s Similkameen Valley.

Ambrosia was a creation of nature, unlike most modern apple cultivars. This accidental apple variety is thought to have originated from the cross-pollination of apple blooms by birds, bees, or other pollinators.

The apple’s pink-blush skin and golden cheek caught the orchard workers’ attention, but its delectable flavor enthralled them. Its taste is quite sweet and is described as being softly scented. Ambrosia receives a flawless score of 10/10 on Martin’s apple sweetness scale. 

At the end of the day, the Ambrosia, which resembles a Gala but is more amplified, is arguably the most sophisticated dessert apple you can find. The exceptional flavor and flawless balance of the Ambrosia apple make it a true Canadian tastemaker that will have apple lovers craving more of this exceptional fruit.

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