4 Exciting Canadian Cookbooks to Look Forward to in Spring 2023

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It’s time to focus on the future of Canadian cookbooks as we enter the mid part of the new year. And what’s this? With exciting new books from renowned publishers, the culinary horizon for 2023 is shining brightly.

Although there may not have been many new Canadian cookbooks published throughout the winter, the spring is expected to more than make up for it. Food lovers may anticipate a pleasant variety of flavors and culinary excursions when anticipated titles arrive in bookstores everywhere.

Here are our best picks for the top four Canadian cookbooks released in the first half of 2023:

Crip Up the Kitchen: Tools, Tips, and Recipes for the Disabled Cook (Jules Sherred, author) 

This groundbreaking cookbook aims to encourage neurodivergent and disabled home cooks by offering them helpful resources, advice, and delectable recipes. Jules Sherred empowers people to succeed in the kitchen by embracing the artistic realm of home cooking.

Sabai: 100 easy Thai recipes for any day of the week (Pailin Chongchitnant, author) 

This cookbook, written by the well-known author and YouTube star of Hot Thai Kitchen, presents a selection of simple Thai foods that can be incorporated into regular home cooking.

Dad in the Kitchen: Over 100 Delicious Family Recipes You’ll Love to Make, and They’ll Love to Eat (Chris Johns and Cory Vitiello, authors)

Author Chris Johns and renowned Toronto chef Cory Vitiello have collaborated to create a lovely collection of recipes perfect for families just in time for Father’s Day. This cookbook celebrates the joy of cooking for loved ones with recipes like braised turkey meatballs and Brussels sprout and leek pizza.

Together at SoBo: More Stories and Recipes from Tofino’s Beloved Restaurant (Susan Musgrave and Lisa Ahier, authors) 

Following the eagerly anticipated SoBo Cookbook sequel, Susan Musgrave and chef Lisa Ahier give a culinary journey showcasing the tastes of Tofino. This book captures the flavor of ingredients from the west coast with SoBo hallmark dishes and brand-new recipes.

Get ready to embark on fascinating culinary excursions, discover new cuisines, and broaden your culinary horizons. The spring of 2023 will surely be a wonderful time of year for Canadian cookbook fans.

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