Introducing Mekong: Whistler’s Newest Culinary Gem

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Whistler, known for its vibrant dining and drinking culture, is poised to get an intriguing new addition to its menu. The area now has Mekong, the latest project from the Infinity Group, which is tucked away in Creekside Village and is scheduled to open its doors on July 1. 

Chef Bonnie Khummuang, a Thai native, is in charge of this modern Thai restaurant, which offers a remarkable dining experience influenced by Thailand’s colorful flavors. Khummuang has created a substantial menu in partnership with acclaimed chef Angus An that shows her abiding love of delectable Thai cuisine. She is ready to demonstrate her culinary skills and take customers on a culinary journey through Thailand.

The nice decor in Mekong is created by Daniel Meloché Designs. It incorporates contemporary elements, such as magnificent white-and-gold chandeliers, to create an atmosphere that radiates both elegance and comfort. Overall, Mekong provides the ideal venue for enjoying family-style food for lunch and dinner and practical take-out alternatives, with a sitting capacity of 98 and a welcoming patio.

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