Unveiling of the 2023 Best Canadian Restaurants List

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It’s time to reveal Canada’s finest restaurants for 2023, from Vancouver’s energetic city to Halifax’s quaint lanes and every culinary destination in between. 

This renowned list, which was painstakingly compiled using the combined knowledge of hospitality professionals and esteemed food media members from coast to coast, represents Canada’s pinnacle of culinary excellence. 

These eateries have won awards for their outstanding quality, originality, and commitment to providing memorable eating experiences.

  1. Edulis, Toronto
  2. Published on Main, Vancouver
  3. Alo, Toronto
  4. Mon Lapin, Montreal
  5. Kissa Tanto, Vancouver
  6. AnnaLena, Vancouver 
  7. Beba, Verdun
  8. Langdon Hall, Cambridge
  9. St. Lawrence, Vancouver
  10. Pichai, Montreal
  11. Giulia, Toronto
  12. Major Tom, Calgary
  13. Bar Kismet, Halifax 
  14. 20 Victoria. Toronto
  15. Hawksworth, Vancouver
  16. Sushi Masaki Saito, Toronto
  17. Canoe, Toronto
  18. Prime Seafood Palace, Toronto
  19. Monarque, Montreal
  20. Mimi Chinese, Toronto
  21. Joe Beef, Montreal
  22. D.O.P., Calgary
  23. River Café, Calgary
  24. Montréal Plaza, Montreal
  25. Salle Climatisé, Montreal 
  26. Dreyfus, Toronto
  27. Moccione, Montreal
  28. L’Abattoir, Vancouver 
  29. Quetzal, Toronto
  30. Don Alfonso 1890, Toronto
  31. Hexagon, Oakville
  32. Pluvio, Ucluelet, BC
  33. Giulietta, Toronto
  34. Alice, Ottawa
  35. Shoushin, Toronto
  36. Cabaret l’Enfer, Montreal
  37. Bernhardts, Toronto
  38. Eight, Calgary
  39. Gia, Montreal 
  40. Toqué!, Montreal
  41. Mott 32, Vancouver
  42. Boulevard, Vancouver
  43. Portage, St. John’s
  44. Le Mousso, Montreal
  45. Île Flottante, Montreal
  46. Riviera, Ottawa
  47. Paloma, Montreal
  48. The Pine,  Ontario 
  49. Pompette, Toronto 
  50. Mastard, Montreal
  51. Nora Gray, Montreal 
  52. Masayoshi, Vancouver
  53. Oca Pastificio, Vancouver 
  54. Deer and Almond, Winnipeg
  55. Bouillon Bilk, Montreal
  56. Drift, Halifax
  57. L’Express, Montreal
  58. Café Boulud, Toronto 
  59. The Bicycle Thief, Halifax
  60. Supply and Demand, Ottawa
  61. Maison Publique, Montreal
  62. Cioppino’s, Vancouver
  63. Le Vin Papillon, Montreal
  64. Wild Blue, Whistler, BC
  65. Lulu Bar, Calgary
  66. Café Lunette, Halifax
  67. Maenam, Vancouver 
  68. Otto, Montreal
  69. Tojo, Vancouver 
  70. Parcelles, Austin, QC
  71. Burdock and Co., Vancouver
  72. The Inn at Bay Fortune, Calgary

This list of Canada’s Best Restaurants for 2023 will surely delight and inspire your taste buds, whether you’re looking for the mastery of a renowned chef, the artistry of a progressive menu, or the atmosphere of a hidden treasure. Each restaurant that made it on this list delivers a distinctive and unmatched gastronomic journey, from inventive fusion food to farm-to-table freshness.

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