Raufikat Oyawoye-Salami Featured on Her Own Series

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Raufikat Oyawoye-Salami, the talented winner of The Great Canadian Baking Show, has graced our screens once more, but this time with her own baking series, Raufikat’s Better Bake Along. The show premiered on March 25, featuring co-hosts Alan Shane Lewis and Ann Pornel, who also hosted The Great Canadian Baking Show. 

The six-part series, which Proper Television is producing, promises hilarity and delectable baked goods. Raufikat will walk Alan and Ann through her favorite baking recipes in each episode, giving detailed directions. 

There’s a twist, though! Alan and Ann will take on a variety of delectable delights, from macarons to cream-filled doughnuts, in a competition to determine who can produce the finest final result, the coveted “Better Bake.”

Raufikat’s Better Bake Along delivers a distinctive and entertaining hybrid format with Raufikat’s expertise and the comedians’ funny ineptitude. It’s a show that, in the words of Cathie James, co-president of Proper Television, “you can’t help but laugh and learn something from.”

Raufikat’s Better Bake Along is set to have all six episodes accessible for viewing on CBC Gem. Whether you enjoy baking or just enjoy comic culinary shows, make sure to watch to see Raufikat and her co-hosts’ delightful creations and contagious laughs. And prepare yourself for a unique baking adventure!

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