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爱德华王子岛省是农业的好地方。岛上有140万英亩的土地总面积约620,000亩,农业用水清零。农业是非常重要的PEI生活在农村的方式3.9%的人口生活在农场,高于全国平均水平1.7个百分点。 2011年人口普查显示1495农场主要从事种植农作物和饲养牲畜裴这些农场的尺寸范围从几亩到3000亩。


Agriculture is one of the Island\'s primary resources and has been for many years. The early Mi'Kmaq people who were native to the Island were hunters and gatherers, and it was the French who brought farming with them when they settled in the first few decades of the 1700s.

Current Condition

The principal crop in PEI is potatoes with approximately 85,000 acres being planted annually. Prince Edward Island potatoes are grown for the fresh table market, for seed potatoes and for processing into frozen potato products and chips. The potatoes are sold nationally and internationally.In the past Grains and Oilseeds were primarily grown in rotation with potato crops, with the recent increase in price for grains and oilseeds these crops are increasingly being grown for specific markets. Wheat, grain corn, oats, barley, soybeans and mixed grain are all planted on the Island. The total value of the 2010 grain and oilseed crop was estimated to be $14.9 million.Fruit production is very diverse on Prince Edward Island. Wild blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, apples and other specialty fruits including raspberry, gooseberry, rose hips, black currant, grapes, high bush blueberry and the haskap berry are all grown on PEI.Beef production is a part of 35 percent of Prince Edward Island farms. PEI Beef is highly sought after with many of the country's top chefs and butchers featuring it in their restaurants and shops.Vegetables are an important cash crop for many Island farmers. Cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts, rutabaga, carrots, onions and cabbage are sold to local, national and international markets.There are approximately 200 dairy farms on Prince Edward Island supplying the domestic market with milk and other dairy products. Breeding stock and embryos are sold to dairy farms across Canada and internationally.There are approximately 25 farms on P.E.I. producing more than 80,000 hogs annually.Organic farming is continuing to expand across Prince Edward Island. There are approximately 55 certified producers in the province who produce crops and/or raise livestock.