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Rodney's Oyster Depot (LP)

Established in 2008, Rodney's Oyster Depot is a specialized oyster processor whose best partner is Mother Nature. Our philosophy is simple and is based on a quote from J.A Clark, Rodney's father, who famously said: "Give a good person a good oyster and you will have them forever."

In our quest for a true artisanal oyster, Rodney's Oyster Depot has adopted a fresh, modern method of cultivating, harvesting, and marketing shellfish. With an eye to both sustainability and a minimal carbon footprint, Rodney's Oyster Depot is a statement to the future, today.

At ROD, we understand the oyster. We see the oyster as a crop in a watery field: each one an individual that needs to be tended and nurtured and understood. Our methods, including a GPS system of plotting and inventory, helps yield a traditional, larger-sized oyster, with an eye to consistency of shape, high meat yields, and delectable flavours.