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Prince Edward Aqua Farms Inc.

Prince Edward Aqua Farms Inc. Is one of the largest processors of rop-cultured blue mussels, Malpeque oysters, hard shelled quahaugs, and soft shelled steamer clams on PEI.

We operate on a year-round basis, employing 55 full-time staff at our plant. The plant has been processing and shipping shellfish since 1989. Our mussle farms supplu is with 75% of the mussels we ship, the rest are purchased from independent mussel growers.

Island Gold is our brand name. Every day we strive to provide the best, most consistent quality shellfish to our customers. We are HACCP certified by Canadian Food Inspection Agency. We are audited by CFIA, USFDA, and US Homeland Security.

We ship product on a daily basis into the Canadian and United States retail and food service markets.