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Mid-Isle Farms Inc.

Mid Isle Farms – Proudly growing, packing and shipping quality Prince Edward Island Potatoes for Over 30 years

Mid Isle Farms was founded in 1982 by 7 local farm families, almost all of the shareholders’ farms are now being farmed by 4th,5th, and 6th generation farmers.

Our mission is to work with suppliers, customers and employees so that their needs and our purpose of operating a credible, successful, potato company are consistently being met.

Our new state of the art production line allows Mid-Isle to provide the highest standards in quality, fast turn around and flexibility. We can pack any variety, size or pack to meet your needs.

As Mid Isle Farms continues to grow, food safety continues to become even more of a focus. We are one of the provinces only facilities that is certified to perform in house CFIA inspections. Our 2012 Food Safety audit by Primus Labs resulted in a "Superior" rating of 96.56 (out of 100).