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Howard's Cove Shellfish Ltd.

Howard's Cove Shellfish Ltd. Is a raw molluscan shellfish processing facility that went into operation in 1993. At that time, the company was operated out of the former Howard's Cove Seafoods Ltd. In Cape Wolfe. With increasing demands in the live shellfish market, Howard's Cove Seafoods Ltd. Opened the doors of its own shellfish processing facility in Freeland in 1998, where it currently processes fresh soft shell clams, quahaugs, and oysters.

In the Spring of 2004, Howard's Cove Shellfish Ltd. Added a new structure to the existing facility to provide for a large multi-purpse processing area, administrative offices, and a large packaging material storage room. The new added structure, close to doubling the plant in size, has a ground and second floor level.

At the present time, Howard's Cove Shellfish Ltd. Distributes their finished product into both the Canadian and the United States markets. Howard's Cove Shellfish Ltd. Is operated and manages ny Randy Cooke. Located in beautiful Freeland, PEI, Howard's Cove Shellfish Ltd. Employs 15-25 full-time staff. Additional Phone Number: (902)831-2842