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Gerrit Visser & Sons (1991) Inc.

Gerrit Visser and Sons is a family owned and operated potato farm and pack shed located in Orwell Cove, Prince Edward Island. Our farm was established by the late Gerrit Visser and is currently run by brothers William & Randy Visser along with the help of long time, dedicated staff. The potatoes that we ship are grown in the rich red Prince Edward Island soil. We are proud of the potatoes that we produce and they are available to our customers in a variety of different packages. We have our own brand labels and we also pack in customer specific private labels. We offer customers either washed or dry potatoes. The varieties we pack include Round White, Russet, Yellow Fleshed and Red Skinned. We package our potatoes in various sizes and weighed bags or cartons. We package our potatoes in the following: 2lb, 3lb, 5lb, 10lb, 15lb & 20lb poly bags 5lb, 10lb, 20lb & 50lb paper bags 50lb carton 50lb & 75lb jute bags 2500lb tote bag We pride ourselves on growing exceptional quality potatoes, preserving the land and continually improving our operation.