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By the Water Shellfish Inc.

By the Water Shellfish Inc. is a live lobster holding and shipping company that started operation in time for the spring lobster season of 2003. The company is involved in the purchasing of live lobster from sources through Maine, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Magdalene Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. The overall process involves purchasing, transport to the plant, lobster grading, wet storage, packaging and shipment to the marketplace. The company uses eight holding tanks to store its lobster and can hold up to 750,000lbs.

Our company distributes its finished product into both Canadian and the United States markets as well as overseas markets. The plant is located in Borden-Carleton at the base of the Confederation bridge and employs 10-12 staff. The plant foreman is Jeff Linton, Sales Manager, Ryan Tremere and owner contact Dewis Cooke at (902)437-3627.