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Chef Michael Smith takes you for a culinary adventure across Prince Edward Island experiencing everything from digging PEI potatoes to harvesting mussel socks to a pig roast.  Chef Michael Smith then invites you into his Prince Edward Island home to show you why everything tastes better on PEI!.

"A chef's paradise, PEI is much more than its famous potatoes. The Island is full of hidden culinary gems that only residents are familiar with," said Chef Michael Smith. "It's a place where the lobster on your plate may have been harvested on the fishing boat at the dock outside your window and the salad is made up of herbs and greens from the garden in the yard," continued Smith.

Food Country with Chef Michael Smith Episode 10: Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes


Chef Michael Smith prepares brown butter mashed potatoes with PEI potatoes from Lily Pond Farms in Bear River, Prince Edward Island.

Food Country with Chef Michael Smith Episode 15: Lobster


Chef Michael Smith heads out to sea with Francis Morrissey to harvest lobster off Seacow Pond, Prince Edward Island . He then heads to Royal Star foods where Chef Michael tries to beat the fastest shucker in the plant!

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Tip: Chef Michael Smith shows how to get 100% out of your lemons

Chef Michael Smith explains how to get the best taste and smell from your lemons.

Tip: Chef Michael Smith Oils Measuring Cups

Chef Michael Smith shows you an easy way to avoid sticky situations in the kitchen.

Mashed Potatoes – Shared by Helen Roome

Mashed Potatoes – Shared by Helen Roome

Warm PEI Mussel Cucumber Salad

Warm PEI Mussel Cucumber Salad by Chef Krista MacQuarrie served at:

Saltscapes Expo 2013

Maple Carrot Salad –Shared by Margaret Prouse

Maple Carrot Salad –Shared by Margaret Prouse

Tip: Chef Michael Smith Shows how to Open a Wine Bottle

Watch Chef Michael Smith demonstrate how to easily open a bottle of wine.

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Chef Michael Smith Tips, Tricks and Secrets

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