Culinary Trail:


  • Arsenault’s Fish Mart Inc. North Cape Coastal Drive

    For over 15 years Arsenault’s Fish Mart has been serving you from two wholesale and retail locations; Summerside and Wellington. Our lobster and scallops are all natural and phosphate free. We pack for travel and ship anywhere in Canada. We know that you have a choice of fish retail shops; let us show you the Arsenault’s Fish Mart difference. Year Round: June-Sept Mon-Thurs,…

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  • Doiron Fisheries Ltd. Green Gables Shore

    Doiron Fisheries Ltd.

    Your “catch-of-the-day.” Many loyal customers and numerous markets and restaurants rely on Doiron Fisheries for just that. Fresh off the dock with a huge variety of fresh seafood including lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, oysters, halibut, salmon, cod, hake and haddock. Seafood lovers simply won’t be able to contain themselves - why bother? Products: mussels, oysters,…

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  • Five Star Shellfish Inc. North Cape Coastal Drive

    Five Star Shellfish Inc.

    Five Star Shellfish Inc. is one of Canada's premier processors of top quality PEI shellfish, oysters, quahaugs, and soft/hard shell clams. Our head office and main processing plant are located on a section of Milligan's Wharf in the beautiful Conway Narrows area of Prince County, PEI. Five Star Shellfish Inc. is a raw molluscan shellfish processing facility that processes oysters, quahaugs, and…

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  • MR Seafoods Charlottetown

    MR Seafoods

    MR Seafoods is PEI’s premier retailer and wholesaler of local, high quality fresh and frozen seafood products. We are located at 61 Thompson Drive in Charlottetown. If you can’t make it to Charlottetown, stop by one of our mobile retail trucks, which operates in various communities all over Prince Edward Island. Please visit our website for mobile locations, times and more information about…

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  • Prince Edward Aqua Farms Inc. Green Gables Shore

    Prince Edward Aqua Farms Inc.

    Preserving natural harmony. As one of PEI’s top Aqua Culturists, our Island Gold Blue Mussels, along with our quality Island oysters, clams and Quahogs, are enjoyed in homes and fine dining establishments across North America and beyond. Because of our access to natural bays we offer top quality hearty mussels harvested year round. Our dedication to innovation is matched only by our…

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  • Royal Star Foods Ltd. North Cape Coastal Drive

    Royal Star Foods Ltd.

    With over 80 years of experience, we sell the finest, freshest, all natural, wild caught seafood. We pack for travel and ship across Canada. Products: Live cooked and frozen lobster, mussels, quahaugs, oysters, scallops, clams and other PEI products. Seasonal: May 1 - October.

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  • Wood Islands Seafood Points East Coastal Drive

    Wood Islands Seafood

    Owned and operated by a 5th generation fishing family. We have saltwater tanks that hold a large volume of hard shell PEI Lobsters of varied sizes to choose from. Products: Live Lobsters, softshell clams (steamers), mussels, quahogs, scallops, bottled bar clams, rock crab, oysters, salmon, haddock, mackerel and cod. Come Sea Us! Seasonal July 1 - Sep 2: 11:00am - 6:00pm daily. Closed Tuesdays.

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