Prince Edward Island food products showcased on Top Chef Canada


Prince Edward Island food products showcased on Top Chef Canada


(Charlottetown, PE – June 5th) Prince Edward Island beef, potatoes, mussels, lobsters and oysters were showcased on the finale of season two of Top Chef Canada which aired June 4th on Food Network Canada. The competitors were given the five Prince Edward Island food products as part of their final Quickfire Challenge.

“The products produced here on Prince Edward Island are some of the best in the world,” said Chef Jeff McCourt, chairman of the Prince Edward Island Culinary Alliance. “It’s exciting that the Top Chef Canada competitors – and viewers - are learning about all of our delicious food products.”

Prince Edward Island’s potatoes are some of the best known in Canada. Many are grown on small family farms with an average farm size of 235 acres; the Island has nearly perfect conditions - warm summers, cold winters, adequate rainfall, good quality soil, and clean air for producing the highest quality of potatoes.

The mussels produced on Prince Edward Island are delicious; they are sustainably farmed and spend all of their lives in the water. Prince Edward Island mussels are harvested year round, even through the ice in the winter, so consumers can get fresh Prince Edward Island mussels year round.

“The quality of Prince Edward Island food is unbeatable,” said Prince Edward Island Tourism and Culture Minister Robert Henderson. “Being featured on Top Chef Canada is a great way to spread the word that our Island is a food lovers’ paradise and entice visitors to come to our province for a culinary vacation.”

Prince Edward Island oysters, also known as Malpeque oysters, are some of the finest in the world. Grown in the various bays and coves around the Island, Prince Edward Island oysters have distinct taste profiles and are harvested and cultured using sustainable and responsible practices.

“You can’t have ‘Surf and Turf’ without the ‘turf’” says Mike Nabuurs President and CEO of Atlantic Beef Products Inc. “Most people do not recognize that PEI produces premium quality beef. Our cattle are raised in a traditional way on small family farms that produces incredible marbling and flavour which rivals beef anywhere in the world.”

The crown jewel of the Prince Edward Island seafood industry, PEI lobster is famous the world over. Prince Edward Island lobster has a deliciously distinct position in the world lobster market as a gourmet delicacy due to the smaller size range and value added product availability.

“We’re thrilled to have our key food products showcased on Top Chef Canada,” said Chef Jeff McCourt, chairman of the Prince Edward Island Culinary Alliance.

The Culinary Alliance is a partnership between the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Prince Edward Island departments of Tourism and Culture, Innovation and Advanced Learning, Agriculture and Forestry, and Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development, as well as industry representatives. The Alliance was created to develop innovative food industry partnerships, culinary experiences and promotional programs. For more information on PEI Flavours, please visit Media contact: Jan Holmes, PEI Culinary Alliance Tel: 902-368-6208