Have a Purely PEI Easter Dinner


Have a Purely PEI Easter Dinner

Back in December, we wrote a post about how to have a 100% local Christmas dinner. We got some great feedback on that post, and so we thought we would write another one for Easter.

Search our Culinary Trail  for your nearest sources of all the following Island food suggestions for your Easter dinner.



What says Easter like eggs? Why not serve up some deviled eggs before dinner? Prince Edward Island eggs are easy to find, so make an effort to choose a local carton!

A nice veggie tray made from local produce would also be nice on the appetizer tray. Bunnies love veggies, you know!

PEI has many cheesy options for that pre-dinner cheese plate.

Shellfish isn’t a traditional Easter offering, but we don’t care. Mussels and oysters are delicious anytime of year, so go ahead and add some local shellfish to your table.


Protein (aka, the star of the show)

There are no set protein rules for any holiday meal, but for Easter, the options seem to be more varied than for Christmas. For Easter, many Islanders enjoy locally sourced lamb, ham, chicken, turkey, or beef! Remember, you can now buy Certified Island Beef at Sobeys stores across PEI. Also, check out KJL Meats or another stop on the Culinary Trail for your Easter protein. We don’t think you can go wrong with a single one of these options.


Side dishes

PEI potatoes will go with any protein you choose. Your options are endless with potatoes: mashed, roasted, scalloped, baked ... you name it! You can also search our website or the PEI Potato website for some new recipe ideas.

Carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, brussels sprouts, beets, and peas are perfect side dishes for any of the protein options above. A nice big salad made from local greens is a great idea, too.



Find a nice bottle of local wine to put on the table. ADL milk will wash everything down nicely. Buy some JJ Stewart Co. sodas, apple cider, PEI Juice Works beverage, or maple liquer for a lovely Easter treat.

Other Table Treats

Easter dinner wouldn’t be complete without fresh rolls and some ADL or Cows butter. Or hot cross buns. Oh, and don’t forget the pickles! There should always be pickles.

Don’t forget a nice bouquet of local flowers to make things nice and pretty.

And this year we have local PEI salt to add to the table!



So many options, so little time! Carrot cake (local carrots, please!) is a classic option. A nice fruit pie made with locally sourced fruit would be lovely. Some Cows or ADL ice cream with blueberry puree drizzled on top? Sounds delicious!



Yes, chocolate gets its own category at Easter. Anne of Green Gables chocolates would be nice for dessert. After the first dessert, of course.

After Dinner

End the evening with a soothing cup of hot chocolate, a rich cup of coffee, or a refreshing cup of tea. There are many local options to choose from for your after-dinner cuppa.


We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday! Oh, and if you aren’t up to cooking a big meal, you can always find yourself a restaurant serving Easter brunch.