Flavours of Prince Edward Island A Culinary Journey by Jeff McCourt, Allan Williams & Austin Cle


"...Then I began driving up the long red clay lanes that lead to our farms, waded into the surf with an oyster rake, spotted golden chanterelles in the woods and downed shots of rum on the deck of a lobster boat at sea. Gradually, it dawned on me that food is at its best when we taste its flavours and its stories." - Chef Michael Smith

Clam digging, foraging for mushrooms, buying artisan charcuterie at Riverview Market, eating freshly caught lobster at a picnic table with your friends...Prince Edward Island is a culinary paradise. The island's abundance of fresh, local ingredients is as inspiring as its magnificent red sands or its salt-sprayed red cliffs.

Now you can bring the taste of PEI home with you in this stunning collection of recipes from the province's top chefs. Enriched by photographs and stories from the island's cooks, farmers and fishers, Flavours of Prince Edward Island makes it possible to re-create authentic maritime cuisine in your own kitchen. With gorgeous food photography and a touching foreword by Chef Michael Smith, this book will have you cooking like an Islander in no time. Try:
• Lobster Bouillabaisse
• Perfect PEI Mashed Potatoes Eight Ways
• Steamed Mussels New London Style
• PEI Oysters Five Ways
• Cranberry and Coconut Tart

Island-born Jeff McCourt is the vice president of the PEI Association of Chefs and Cooks. Jeff served as sous chef to Chef Michael Smith for five years before becoming executive chef at The Mountain Lodge and Spa at Delphi in the west of Ireland. He is now the chef at Red Shores Racetrack and Casino. Allan Williams is president of the Association and a research chef at Canada's Smartest Kitchen, a division of the Culinary Institute of Canada located in Charlottetown. Austin Clement is the program manager for the culinary and hospitality programs at the Culinary Institute of Canada.

The PEI Association of Chefs and Cooks is a non-profit association that promotes professionalism in the food service industry by providing a network for chefs and cooks and educating them on new developments in the food industry. The Association is also very involved in the community and actively promotes PEI cuisine.